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how it all started



        1986 was the year it all started, the same year when Mexico hosted the World Cup. Don Rafa and his family lived in Guadalajara a city in Mexico at that time. That year he would give his first try in making a hair product. After a time of actually using the product himself he realized it did not work for the hair. He decided to try it for pain instead which it actually worked on his spouse who had been dealing with pain on her elbow. Don Rafa would make his home remedies to help his family and friends. At that time he did not think of making a business from his remedies. 

        Don Rafa youngest son who was 3 years old had asthma and did not realized they had the cure in their hands. Don Rafa and his spouse had already took their son with a variety of the best specialist in that city but did not see their son get any better. His son had a severe problem he was not able to play as a healthy child would, when he would run or jog with other kids it would make him throw up and he could hardly breath. Don Rafa's mother lived in tabasco, Zacatecas a small town in Mexico about 3 hours away from Guadalajara. Don Rafa would visit his family in Zacatecas often and took his parents the product so that they could use it for their Arthritis and rheumatism. Don Rafa's mother decided to give some to her parents as well. A new experiment came from that, Don Rafa's grandmother decided to try it for the cough on her husband and it worked. Don Rafa's mother told him the experiment that was done and told him to try it on his son so he did. After a couple of months of applying the product on their son they realized that the asthma was completely gone! These were great news for them who realized that the product he had made did not work for the hair instead it was something that could actually help thousands of people for the lungs and pain. This motivated him to keep his hopes up in making something else for the hair.

         Years passed and Don Rafa was not focused 100% on his products yet. Don Rafa had a family to feed so he did not want to focus on anything else but his job. Things got bad in Mexico so the family decided to move to the United States in 2001. They have been living in California since then. They came for the American dream as many others have for a safer and wealthier future. Working at the fields was the only option for them and the majority of the Mexican parents who moved to California. After saving some money they decided to start a small business as a part time. The weekends they would sell at the flee markets meaning no days off. After a certain time they decided to go full time and have been doing that since then. They decided to sell natural products since helping people is what they love doing. Los Angeles was where the products would be purchased to sell. Don Rafa would sell some of his products there as well. Now Don Rafa and his family have decided to focus on making more products to create jobs or even small businesses for others.  

        For the year of 2018 Don Rafa Industry is striving for something big. The products that have been made for the past 4 years are finally speaking for themselves the testimonies are stacking up little by little. Don Rafa now makes several products under his name with the help of his youngest son. They have became business partners and are working together to grow their business. The youngest child decided to follow his fathers steps and is dedicated 100% in building something big. 


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